Testimonials Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy:


My experience with Rebecca at the office and farm have been extraordinary. Rebecca has helped me a great deal with my emotions. I will be forever grateful of how much she has supported me . My experience at the office was nice. It was Peaceful , safe and comfortable. The farm was a very different experience. As much as i felt safe, at peace and comfortable , i also had that sense of freedom. The out doors gave it a different experience and working closely with the horses i felt as they truly understood what im experiencing . There was  no judgement just pure love and acceptance. The horses gave me the freedom of being me. It was an incredible experience and i still look forward to continue to grow with the beautiful supporting Rebecca. I am truly blessed to grow and develop  with such an amazing hypnotherapist.
- Mrs G. West of Melbourne


Rebecca has such a beautiful way of welcoming a connection between herself, the client (me in this case!), the land and the horse…when I stepped out for a session I had no idea what would meet me, yet through interaction with the herd and with Rebecca’s gentle guidance, I found some deeply meaningful tidbits that will stay with me always, thank you Rebecca, and your wonderful herd, I look forward to the next time I can enjoy the healing interaction with you all.
- Mia


Testimonials SleepTalk for Children Process:


I have been using sleep talk for 3 months on my eldest son, and have found it great. I started to use it as we were having trouble toilet training him. After a few weeks he started going with out to much hassle and now he rarely has a accident and never has to wear a nappy. He also was having night terrors and waking up during the night to get into bed with us as well as not wanting to go to bed. This stopped as soon as we started using sleep talk. I have found sleep talk amazing. My son didn’t want to go to creche and it was a fight to get him there. He now asks me if it Is a creche day and if it is not he wants to go.
He told me that a fairy talks to him while he was sleeping.
Sleep talk has done wonders for my eldest son and now I am doing it with my two year old.
- Mrs H. Taylors Lakes


As a mother of an eight year old boy I face the many challenges that parenthood brings. I started the Sleeptalk program with my son after battling the many emotional outbursts from him. I felt we were losing the close relationship we once had and wanted to make positive changes. Whilst the changes haven’t been instant I believe he is responding slowly to the program. Other people have also noticed changes in particular his swimming teacher who has seem him improve his coordination and stroke technique. His emotional outbursts are becoming less and less and we communicate more freely. I would recommend Sleeptalk to any parents who want to create a closer relationship with their child and address issues such as behavior, co ordination and focus. It’s also a beautiful way to end your day!
 – Mrs MM. Surf Coast


Through the help of Reeba Equine Therapy , Rima is motivated to go to school more often. She has gained more confidence towards making friends at school.
Thank you.
- Priscilla.

My 5yo son has Autism and suffers from anxiety. After many “traditional” therapy approaches I found the situation was getting worse and it was suggested i put him on medication. this was not something I wanted to do at such a young age so I looked into other options and decided upon Equine Therapy. I had worked with Rebecca before with hypnotherapy and hypnobirthing, each time was such a positive experience and left me with an overwhelming sense of peace. i knew she would be perfect practitioner of Equine Therapy, and I wasn’t mistaken. Through a combination of Equine Assisted Therapy and SleepTalk the change in my son was remarkable. He became calmer, happier and more settled in so many facets of his life. He was able to foster better relationships with his family and peers and has been able to easily transition into school with no apparent anxiety. The difference was noticeable to everyone. I’m so grateful for the experience Rebecca and her beautiful horses provided – it was so refreshing to be able to have a form of therapy that was fun, relaxing and enjoyable for both my son and myself.
- Mrs C. Melb.