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We Specialise in The Right Therapy for the Right Person

Equine therapy is reasonably new to Australia, It is an approach of bringing people and horses together. I have seen people respond and open up to conversations and reflections, when being close to nature and the wonderful small herd of horses that I work with. Allowing people to be around horses, engage with them and reflect, provides a safe and amazing space for people to reflect about life, challenges and their desire for healing and change. This is a professional, innovative and experiential approach to Counselling, Psychotherapy and Mental Health,  that supports clients of all ages in addressing their therapeutic goals. Working with horses as teachers, assistants and co-facilitators, learning to live in the moment. It is purely a holistic therapy. Come and join our herd and discover yourself within nature via the way of the horse. At Reeba Equine Assisted Therapy (REAT) , sessions focus on interaction with the horse and not riding or horsemanship. By incorporating horses into therapy sessions we can assist you in building better relationships with yourself and others; to develop more awareness of your habits and boundaries; and to help you work through specific physical, mental and emotional issues to help you heal. You will learn to trust and welcome your experiences, both positive and challenging, giving you more freedom, balance and empowerment in your life. Come join our herd and experience a unique way of learning about yourself. You will be surprised at what a horse can teach you about yourself.


Why horses?


Hypnotherapy – The Reeba Experience with Rebecca and her team

Within the subconscious mind reside our imagination, emotions, memories, our automatic body responses, habit patterns, and our most deeply held beliefs about ourselves and what we believe is possible for us. It is these deeply held patterns and beliefs that drive our decisions and shape our lives and the quality of our perceptions. When we desire to make a lasting, positive change in our lives, it is these subconscious patterns that we must become aware of, thus giving us choice to respond in a way that serves us well. Hypnotherapy is a safe, proven and effective tool for directly accessing the power of the subconscious mind. As with the majority of the healing sciences, the practice of Hypnotherapy has evolved and changed over the course of its lengthy history. Modern hypnotherapy is a collaborative effort wherein the client and Hypnotherapist interact and work together, via the pleasant and naturally occurring phenomena we have labeled “trance” also called an altered state of awareness. Once the client has awareness, they are able then to have choice, it is through awareness and choice changes and growth occur. Growth and change then allow the client to experience life differently, this leads to lasting improvements in the quality of the one’s life.